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Keep Going.

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Life has a way of testing you daily. The people you thought were going to be there suddenly fade away. It seems that for every one step forward, life hits you back 10 more. You finally think your breakthrough happens and then everything crashes.... KEEP GOING. I know that it is not easy to keep going when you see everyone else succeeding. I know that it does not seem fair that everyone else LOOKS like they are prospering and that you are stuck in the rut. Maybe you are in that place because there is something you need to learn HERE before you can get THERE. Those that look like they are soaring in life and doing so effortlessly, I guarantee has had a here moment, or they will. Know that stepping into your purpose prematurely and without the necessary skills and development can cause you to lose everything. Yes, you learn as you grow, but some new levels require prerequisites. If you do not identify what is stopping you from moving forward, you will always be there. For example: How can you say you want a million dollars but you can't steward over the two thousand you get from your job. How can you say you want to be debt free but keep putting yourself in debt. You have to live the way you want to see yourself in the future, now. You may only have $500 to steward over, but do it properly. This is not an easy task and I am learning this myself, but I know that if I want to succeed, I have to learn these principles now. It is far from easy, but it will all be worth it. Evaluate where you are today, then figure out where you want to be. Next, examine yourself and see what may be holding you back from achieving your purpose. Be honest with yourself. If you are not honest, you may always remain complacent. When you identify your weak areas, do something about them. Seek help you need, to prepare yourself for a better future. That could be financial, physical, mental, etc. Go rockstar. I see you. KEEP GOING!

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