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Remember your WHY!

Often times, we get caught up in society, routine, and drama, that we forget to take time and focus on ourselves. This begins the vicious cycle of doing just to do, instead of moving with purpose. Others of us are moving with purpose and are trying to do everything we can to be successful and we feel that we are overlooked, passed over, not good enough, or just not in the correct position. Society shows us this grind mentality and the hustle never stops. That is not realistic and burnout can set in really quickly. What is burnout you say? Burnout is being mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually exhausted. When you experience this level of exhaustion, it can cause you to make some sudden or drastic changes that may be in the completely opposite direction of your vision. Burnout will have you questioning everything that you know, think and love. Ultimately, burnout is a passion killer.

So what can stop burnout from taking over your life? Remembering your WHY. Why am I here? Why did I start this to begin with? Why would I leave something that I love and know is my calling and purpose? Remembering to ask yourself those why questions will stir up something inside of you. It causes you to remember your goals and the reason you set out on the journey. I know it has not been easy, and it may get harder. Remember why you started. You will be ok. You will make it. You will succeed. I know you are tired. Step back, evaluate the situation, evaluate your current feelings and position, then evaluate the next step. Focus on each moment and it will bring you to the future. If you are always so focused on there, you will listen the messages here. I believe in you. :)- Love, Ash

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