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self-care starter pack- starting somewhere

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

not knowing how to self-care is normal. i am a mom, wife, doctoral student, college professor, and business owner. to say that my time is limited is an understatement. so what do i do to self- care? well, i am learning the meaning of this word again. let's dive in. i learned that self-care does not mean going to a zen retreat in the maldives or taking a trip to california. i mean it could, but that is not realistic on the daily. i mean i hope that could be realistic, but for now... i have to find things to keep me going. the most important tip i received was to take my everyday tasks and take time to breathe through them. what do i mean by that? i have to walk to the mailbox to get my mail, so i make sure that as i walk, i breathe and center myself with long, meaningful breaths. when i realize that i have been sitting to long, i turn on a song and create meaningful movements and stretches that help me to loosen back up. now i know you are saying, does that really work? i didn't think that it would at first either.... but when i started looking at everyday things as an outlet and not a chore, i found a moment to breathe within the task. so here's some ideas:

  1. when you walk the dog. pay attention to your breaths and take a look around. what do you notice today that you did not yesterday?

  2. when you do the dishes, would it make it less menacing if you turn on your favorite playlist while doing them and dance the dishes away? (personally i am enjoying this one more and more)

  3. wash your hair! you feel better when you look better. stop neglecting yourself. find a moment to wash that hair.

  4. wake up 15 minutes earlier to enjoy your coffee alone. when you drink your coffee, smell the coffee. take in the fragrance. how does the coffee smell to you?

  5. lastly, moms and dads, caretakers and aunts/uncles, college students, and career driven moguls, give yourself a break. there are so many minutes in a day that are occupied, but start with 5 minutes to yourself a day. i promise you, it will grow, over time and you will recognize when you need a moment.

you are doing much better than you think that you are and i know that this world is stressful. you are tooooo valuable to lose to stress. take back your life one minute at a time. you are worth it. - love ash

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