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Survive... then Recover.

I wish that this post was going to have some great happy ending, but in reality, that's not what happens.

When you are surviving, you are in the fight for your life. It seems that life has you topsy turvy and you will never make it out or get through the storm. They say that when you are in a storm that is trying to overtake you, it is best to not try and paddle. You will tire yourself out. Just allow the waves to push you and you hold on for dear life. Sometimes these storms come from mistakes we have made. Other times it wasn't even our fault, yet we are holding on to survival for dear life. While in the storm, the idea that you will not make it out alive crosses your mind more than once. That storm looks bigger and stronger than you.

Many of you may not know me, but I am transparent. This survival is my current situation. It feels like I have been tossed around so much that soon the waves will overtake me and I will drown in the depths of my issues. Through all of this, the only thing that keeps me grounded and holding on to the boat for dear life is the promise of recovery. Not everyone believes in God, but I do. So, when I speak, this is my perspective, but if it resonates with you, embrace it.

One thing that God is teaching me is that after survival comes recovery. It is imperative that I make it through this storm so that I can recover. Right now, recovery does not even seem like it is a thing. I am trying to not drown. But then I remembered this, at some point, the waves stop and the ocean becomes calm again. Recovery. So, I guess that truth prevails that after survival comes recovery. If you have gotten this far on the blog, I thank you for reading my thoughts. I do not have words of encouragement to give. All I can say is please survive. It is dark right now and you may not be able to see more than a foot in front of you... but please hold on. Recovery is coming.


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